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Water Hyacinth Baskets Wholesale

Water Hyacinth, botanical name Eichornia Crassipes, is an extremely fast-growing plant and can double its population in two weeks. Each plant can produce thousands of seeds that remain viable for 28 years. Since the Water Hyacinths are such prolific growers it is in the interest of environmental control that as much as possible can be used commercially. They clog up waterways and so the more we can use, the better ecology is created. Strings of dried fibres are woven and interlinked to form a braided cord used for making such articles as bags, footwear, wreaths, hats, vases and Christmas lanterns. Fibres can also be used as a raw material for paper. Dried stems are used for making water hyacinth baskets and furniture. The water hyacinth is a thicker and stiffer fibre once it is processed for basket weaving making it very durable but extremely appealing in a fashion sense. Water Hyacinth products can also be wet out and reshaped however although should not be soaked like seagrass and as the fibre is thicker it will take longer to completely dry out.

Top selling rectangle baskets!

We supply a very popular range in the water hyacinth range of baskets. In particular, the rectangle baskets come in natural colour as well as washed white. While the natural design is probably our bigger seller for some customers the washed white is their go-to variant. They come in a Set of 3 which we sell our water hyacinth, wholesale customers. We will also supply them to our retail customers singly in small, medium or large.

In addition to the water hyacinth range, we supply a set of 3 large storage or laundry baskets. These are great storage for toys or linen making a very smart statement in all types of décor.

We also have woven trays in water hyacinth which come in large and small sizes. These can be used for hampers, dinner trays or for all those incidental things like keys, phones and remote controls.

When you buy from Back to Baskets you can be assured:

  • You are buying an eco-friendly and sustainably grown product.
  • You are buying from a supplier who supports village level artisans in the rural areas of Vietnam.
  • You are buying from a supplier who respects and supports women and disadvantaged groups.
  • We stand behind the quality and durability of our baskets with a no questions asked replacement policy.

Our water hyacinth baskets range is constantly evolving as we work with our supplier to create appealing fashionable options with an organic accent.

With experience and expertise in providing an exceptional range of eco-friendly products in Australia, we have been able to stock a number of baskets and bags that are handcrafted with nature-friendly material materials In mind.

We have a number of outlets throughout Australia via customers who we supply water hyacinth baskets wholesale.