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Storage Baskets Wholesale

Back to Baskets stocks a wide range of handcrafted baskets that are made of eco-friendly material. We have seen customer’s shopping from suppliers who claim to provide sustainable products, however none of them satisfy the needs of a customer who is looking for authenticity in terms of originally produced products. When it comes to Import products we have always ensured that all the baskets and bags are sourced from the designers and suppliers directly which means you can be sure of the originality in the make. The designers and suppliers are constantly engaged in designing a unique style of product with varied colors and designs, for they aim at fulfilling the differed needs of customers.

Eco-friendly baskets with great durability

The handcrafted baskets are made with utmost detailing that is highly evident in the form of a spectacular end result. These handcrafted baskets are not only great for storage source they also make a beautiful addition to your interior décor. Placing them or hanging them in your house is very appealing. We are also experienced in providing woven hamper baskets, market baskets and seagrass baskets which are all made from organic elements and are hand-made as well

You could store a wide range of essentials in these baskets and can do away with all the worries in terms of durability, for these products are made with good quality material to serve you well for many years.

Our storage baskets are available in water hyacinth material as well as seagrass. Both of these grasses are grown sustainably from crops or waterways well away from the ocean where disturbing them by harvesting could be damaging to the eco culture. In fact the water hyacinth is a plant that grows prolifically in the waterways of South East Asia and so the more it can be used commercially the better it is for the local environment. Seagrass product is a grass that is grown specifically for cropping and as such is harvested 3 times yearly for the purposes of processing into cord or braid for the purpose of handicraft making.

To enable our products to be available to the public we supply storage baskets wholesale to a whole range of retail customers Australia wide. Be they gift shops, florists, nurseries of fashion outlets who want to be sure that the baskets they are offering are unique and genuine in their sce friendly nature.

As well as large baskets we have water hyacinth trays which make for great storage baskets as well. In two sizes which are very handy for hampers or storage purposes. The smaller tray is a really handy option for keeping near the TV or front door for things that never seem to have a home such as TV remotes, A/C, keys, phones and sundry other small items.

Speaking of storage we also have a really handy hanging bag with a little central leather handle. This basket is great for hanging on a hall stand for things such as dog leads, balls caps, hats. Similarly use in your living area for papers, newspapers or books. And in the kitchen for your bread – a myriad of uses.

You can be assured that when our customers are purchasing storage baskets wholesale from us they are getting the authentic product. We sure you will be happy with our:

  • Innovative designs
  • Super responsive customer service
  • 24/7 contactable
  • Easy ordering from our website
  • Same day dispatch on most occasions