Decorative Platters and Trays

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Serve With Style Seagrass Decorative Platters and Trays

There is something about a beautifully laid party platter. Make your platter more delectable and attractive with our range of seagrass decorative platters and trays

Replace your traditional platters and trays with unique, stylish and practically unbreakable seagrass decorative plates and trays. Browse through the Back to Baskets online store and discover an exciting collection of handwoven seagrass platters

Sustainable Seagrass Decorative Platters and Trays for Healthy Way of Living 

There’s been exceptional demand for healthy, natural and planet-friendly products in recent years. Many individuals are picking up platters and trays that are not healthy and free of any plastic traces. With an aim to make eco-friendly products affordable and easy to buy, Back to Baskets has an exciting collection of organic and decorative seagrass plates and trays. 

Starting our journey back in the early 2000s, Back to Baskets is an online store with an exclusive collection of seagrass platters. Handcrafted by rural artisans from North Vietnam, our plethora of products are ethically sourced through fair trade means. 

Explore an Impressive Collection of Organic Seagrass Platters 

Our seagrass platters are made from 100% biodegradable and organic material and don't end up in landfills. They break down naturally in the soil without contaminating it or releasing toxic chemicals into the environment. Additionally, these decorative seagrass platters and trays are durable and easy to clean. Wipe it with a wet cloth, and you can keep using the platters for years. 

Check out our beautiful and stylish seagrass decorative plates and trays that are not only contemporary but also highly functional. 

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