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Want to Gift the Best? Choose our housewarming gift basket 

A house is built with boards and beams,
A home is built with Love and Dreams. 

We all know how special it is to move into a new house. It is a new beginning with a new place. And as you are special to your loved ones who are starting this new chapter, you are bound to be a part of their housewarming celebration. 

Are you confused and anxious about what gift to buy for them? We know this situation well and that’s the reason we have planned it for you. We offer exclusive gift hampers that contain sets of baskets that can be helpful in the following ways:

  • Interior decor
  • Exterior decor 
  • As planters
  • Use for carrying food
  • Use as cellular storage 
  • Use for keeping pantry items 
  • Use for keeping bathroom essentials 
  • Keep extra jewellery and accessories
  • In the kid's room for keeping their toys safe 
  • Use for picking apples, berries and other fresh produce from the farm
  • Keep extra items of the house like remote control and keys

Benefits of Gifting Housewarming Baskets 

  • Lightweight 

We know how difficult it is to carry things from one place to another especially when planning housewarming events or other types of gatherings. Gifting a basket that is light in weight will help ease the load and carry items without much effort. One extra benefit is that it can survive in any weather conditions so using it in all seasons is easy. The rain or storm won’t affect it at all.

  • Plastic replacement 

We keep seeing how seasons are overlapping and pollution is increasing each day leading to the adverse effect of global warming. Excessive plastic usage has led to extensive ecological damage. If we take a step back and observe, plastic has taken up a major part of our life and there is no globally accepted disposal process to decompose plastic. Gifting our baskets will replace the plastic basket and ultimately help the planet stay safe from the toxic chemicals associated with using plastics, keeping our health in check. 

Are You Planning to Gift Housewarming Baskets Online in Australia? 

Buy our housewarming baskets on sale today at or call us on 03 9431 0177 or email for any queries.