Medium & Small Round Basket Set of 2 - Many Colours

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Medium & Small Round Baskets

Set of 2


Med: Diam: 35 x H17cm 
Small: Diam: 30 x H17cm

Lovely set of 2 baskets both in very handy sizes coming in a variety of appealing colours from Natural to Earthy and ColourfulThey come to you one inside the other and the base pushed up. Simply push out the base and carfully separate the two baskets. With use and time any imperfections will smooth out. If there are heavy creases you would like to get rid of just spray or soak in water. The basket will become soft and pliable and then you can work out any hard crease. Air drying in the warm or in the sun will only take 30 minutes or so. These baskets are great for Supermarket or Market shopping as well as fruit and egg collecting. Keep one around the house for a handy storage option. Also good for picnic or gift hampers. Also great for in-store merchandising

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