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Affordable Range of Fruit Basket in Wholesale Quantity 

Did you know how and when the idea of baskets came around? After extensive tracing, we found that they have been used since the times of Ancient Mesopotamia and also by Native Americans from as early as 5000-1000 B.C. Baskets served many traditional and practical purposes of carrying several items and even infant babies from one place to another instead of carrying in the hands and having to do multiple rounds for getting things to where they’re needed.

Since the early days, baskets were made from a variety of plant fibres such as roots, leaves, twigs, grasses and tree branches. Materials available in nature like bamboo were also widely used. In ancient times, there were also competitions for basket making and the one with the most unique design and ample storage capacity won at the end. Baskets have never been out of trend since their conception and are used even today for carrying things in nearly all countries and cultures across the continents. 

We at Back to Baskets, are back with all those strong and natural ancient baskets with a hint of modern design that will help you keep and carry your things safely in an eco-friendly and stylish way. 

Why Choose our Fruit baskets in Australia ? 

  • Protect from unforeseen weather conditions

As we know fruits are perishable and it takes very little time for them to spoil in case they get exposed to the elements. Our fruit baskets can help you keep the fruits fresh for a week or two if the lower room temperature is maintained and the lid is closed perfectly. If the weather starts to turn humid then you can loosen up the lid and store in the refrigerator to make them last even longer. Our baskets can be used for buying fruits from the market as well as storing them safely. 

  • No more plastic 

Plastic contains BPA (Bisphenol A), a toxic chemical compound used in making plastics. It is considered to be harmful to our body and can lead to several ailments including Heart diseases, Diabetes, Obesity issues, Asthma, Liver infections, Thyroid problems, Infertility issues and the list goes on. It is advisable for babies to avoid it completely. The compound enters the body through the medium of plastic food pouches, plastic containers and other widely available plastic packaging. 

To avoid such health related problems, it is better to substitute all your plastic baskets and crates with organic baskets that are made from 100% natural materials. What is better than storing the naturally acquired fruits from nature in the containers made from the materials available in nature? It creates absolutely positive effects as we live in harmony with nature. 

Are You Planning to Buy Fruit Baskets Online in Australia? 

All our baskets are made keeping in mind the health of the people and are extremely safe to use around children as well as pets. 

Buy our fruit baskets on sale today at or call us on 03 9431 0177 or email for any queries.