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Artisan Baskets Wholesale

Each of the handmade baskets are sourced directly from designers, as such we assure you quality and make second to none. These baskets are a result of natural fiber usage that is woven extensively by some highly capable individuals in the villages. We have been fortunate to be able to associate with them to help them find an income source for their creativity. The handmade baskets are made from organic material which will help you bring home a product that is durable and lasting but at the end of its life will also die out organically in just few months, unlike the plastic alternatives that take about 1000s of years. We are proud to have been able to make these artisan baskets wholesale supplied in Australia for a number of years.

Forging a great partnership:

We were very fortunate to make contact with a particular rural business in Northern Vietnam a few years ago.

The business was established in 1970s by a group of craftswomen at a very old Vietnamese seagrass village that has existed for over 150 years. Our suppliers have more than 40 years of experience operating in the industry, while the artisans own outstanding generation-by-generation craftsmanship through almost one and a half centuries.

Our supplier’s Mission is to empower local women and disadvantaged groups, protect natural resources and preserve the traditional craftsmanship through the master creation of high quality and sustainable natural fibre handicraft products.

With the assistance of such a business we are able to source the original artisan baskets from traditional makers and can then offer these baskets economically to the Australian public. Through our like minded retailers who have the same ethos as our suppliers we can supply them artisan baskets wholesale for them to make available to the eco-savvy customer.

The reason why we insist you to shop for artisan baskets from Back to Baskets is because our products are grown sustainably, are entirely organic and are therefore completely eco-friendly. Don’t be fooled. Many of the so called “green bags” and “eco bags” sold in the supermarkets and other stores contain high amounts of plastic material and will be around in the environment for many generations. At Back to Baskets we provide a large range of baskets in many shapes, colors and designs. From market baskets and shopping baskets to hamper baskets and storage baskets, we have something to fit your purpose.

We are super responsive! You can contact us a number of ways:

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